About HydroDigital

HydroDigital is a design consultancy that helps utilities adopt digital technologies to transform how they manage water. Our core team has worked together for nearly two decades implementing advanced digital solutions. We can help you reduce implementation risk, facilitate the change management process, and increase overall return on investment.

Our team specializes in Real-Time Decision Support Systems (RT-DSS) that help utilities optimize the operation of their water infrastructure. RT-DSS expand the scope of traditional Real-Time Controls (RTC) by leveraging sensor networks, digital twins, and advanced algorithms to optimize operations and future CIP.

HydroDigital founders Luis Montestruque and Timothy Ruggaber have worked exclusively in the design, implementation, and commissioning of RT-DSS since 2004 for more than 40 utilities in the United States and abroad.

We practice a glass-box approach that ensures clarity and transparency. Our collaborative co-design process is at the center of every utility's development for sustainable and accessible RT-DSS.

Our Services

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